We provide professional services and support for companies with both open and closed-source environments. We work to understand your challenges, work with them and your business in order to build high performing, maintainable solutions that overcome these challenges.


The expertise you need can be hard to find, but Klara has all the right people and is just a call away. Get the answers your team needs to make them more productive, or have our subject matter experts tackle the problem directly.


Specialists in FreeBSD, we do kernel and custom feature development, as well as new platform bring-up. We can extend and enhance FreeBSD based on your requirements, or help you with making FreeBSD work well on new hardware platforms.


Infrastructure Deployment and Maintenance - From a few servers to rows of racks, Klara provides high quality, automated, infrastructure deployments. Our performance analysis team can also work to improve your throughput or lower your power footprint.


Whether you are managing a few terabytes or many petabytes, Klara has the world-class experts you want to talk to when it comes to large storage systems. From HDDs and SSDs through NVMe and NVDIMM, we can help you get the most our of your storage.


When depending upon open source technologies, the hardest question can be: "where do we turn for help?" For too long there has not been a good answer, but now there is Klara. We provide the best FreeBSD support available on the market today.


Klara specializes in uplifting existing forks of FreeBSD to the latest version, as well as polishing your local patches or features and getting them integrated into upstream FreeBSD to reduce your future maintenance burden without distracting your own engineers.