FreeBSD Professional Services and Support

We are a leading provider of FreeBSD solutions for enterprises and startups. At Klara we are powered by a community approach to delivering tailor-made solutions to our customers. Our enthusiastic staff are ready to help you design, develop, deploy, and maintain new and existing open-source systems.

Additionally, we manage complex environments to provide expert support, training, development, and consulting services.

Our Mission

At Klara we do more than just aim for excellence in our field and collaboration between our teams and our customers, we make it our mission to help the customer succeed. Our ethos is deeply rooted in open source, maximizing progress, openness, and quality. We strive to deliver these values to each and every one of our customers, while taking our shared ecosystem of technologies to the next level.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue making FreeBSD the best operating system for our customers, and for the community of users, industries, researcher, and products that have made it such a success over the last decades. We believe that every company shares its values with its customers through each new contract and each new interaction. Our values are concentrated around innovation, freedom, and quality.


Our Advantage

Being one of the first providers of FreeBSD professional services is a big responsibility to our open source community. We want to grow and strengthen the FreeBSD community and ecosystem by providing high quality FreeBSD consulting, training, development, and support. We also want to grow the community by helping to creating the next generation of FreeBSD developers to build the future.

Our Team